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Network Services Manager

Main Purpose 
Reporting into the Networks Director, the individual will be responsible for Core Network, IN and VAS planning for the OPCO. Works closely with the business units (Marketing and Sales) to determine business requirements and translates these into Core network, IN and VAS expansion and upgrading plans. Manages the activities of the section. Works closely with (ERICSSON & NSN) to ensure that the Core network, IN and VAS infrastructure is capable of handling projected customer needs. Monitors their performance and supports problem resolution. Continually measures the performance of ERICSSON & NSN against the performance standards stipulated in the contract and ensures that these are being met; responsible for validating all performance claims, capex demands and contract variation requests submitted by ERICSSON & NSN.
Main Responsibility Areas: 
Manages the planning, design and upgrade of the Core network, IN & VAS network and ensures that such plans reflect and are aligned to business plans and set customer service standards: 
  • Interacts with the business departments (marketing and sales) to determine Core network, IN & VAS needs of the company
  • Liaises with the contractor (ERICSSON & NSN) to determine required Core network, IN & VAS expansion & upgrades, taking into consideration the performance Core network, IN & VAS performance reports;
  • Validates capex proposals submitted by the contractor (ERICSSON), outside the planning period  and ensures these are justifiable and value adding, based on the business plan, maintenance reports (in the case of replacement capex), before including these in Core network, IN & VAS capex plan).
  • Interacts with and reviews customer service reports to identify service shortfalls that are attributable to the status of the Core network, IN & VAS;
  • Translates these requirements into Core network, IN & VAS plans, both immediate and long term.
  • Establishes budgetary requirements for the implementation of the plans and ensures that these are sufficient for the purpose.
  • Communicates the plans to the Airtel Project Manager and the contractor (ERICSSON & NSN) ensuring that they are understood and accepted.
  • Monitors the implementation of the plans through regular liaison with the Project Manager and ERICSSON & NSN.
  • Prepares and submits appropriate reports to management
Manages the implementation of the Core network, IN & VAS plans and ensures that these are executed to agreed timelines, budget and quality: (project manager)
  • Supports the selection of contractors by preparing required documentation;
  • Briefs contracted vendor and the implementation supervisor (ERICSSON/Comviva) on the project and stipulates the expected performance standards.
  • Confirms that ERICSSON and the contractor put in place appropriate work plans that are in line with specified project timelines and support the smooth implementation of Core network, IN & VAS projects.
  • Serves as contact for vendors and suppliers of systems and equipment: ERICSSON/Comviva  and other vendors
  • Evaluates products/systems in light of company needs
  • Makes recommendations for the most efficient use of network infrastructure; keeps informed of the most current technologies
Monitors the performance of the contractor
  • Regularly reviews Core network, IN & VAS performance reports against the prescribed performance standards (KPIs)
  • Seeks relevant performance reports/data from the business teams, including field sales staff on the performance of the network and highlights problem areas to the ERICSSON counterpart promptly for action.
  • Regularly reviews the customer service reports to identify customer complaints relating to Core network, IN & VAS and refers these to ERICSSON/NSN/Comviva  for action.
  • Monitors ERICSSON/NSN/Comviva’s responses to Core network, IN & VAS performance shortfalls to ensure that these are remedied in a timely manner;
  • Validates ERICSSON/NSN/Comviva performance reports taking into consideration performance information from the above sources and vets bonus claims against these reports;
  • Regularly takes up and discusses performance issues with the ERICSSON/NSN/Comviva counterpart to ensure that these are resolved in a timely manner and service returned to the required standards.
  • Identifies performance shortfalls that warrant the levying of penalties and refers these to the Contract Manager for action.
Problem solving: 
  • Ensures the existence of effective problem solving mechanisms that support the speedy identification, communication and resolution of Core network, IN & VAS problems by all parties.
  • Ensures that fault escalation framework (from partners to Airtel) is complied with and that there is no under or delayed reporting.
  • Provides technical expertise where relevant to support problem resolution.
Relationship building and management 
  • Works towards the building and maintenance of positive relationships with the Contractor (ERICSSON/NSN/Comviva), that support the  smooth flow of information and the effective problem solving;
  • Promotes a partnership approach to the execution of the managed service contract so as to minimise conflict between AIRTEL and the vendor.
  • Promotes an environment of shared ownership of network performance as well as capex and opex minimisation by both AIRTEL and ERICSSON.
Build a capable and motivated team at Airtel Malawi to create a high performance team environment
  • Recruit the right talent in consultation with function head, as per defined recruitment guidelines
  • Develop and motivate team members through structured training and on the job coaching
  • Establish performance expectations and regularly review individual performance
Recommend appropriate rewards and recognition
Desired Skills & Experience
Educational Qualifications  & Functional / Technical Skills
  • Bachelor of Engineering  degree (Electrical & Electronics, or related fields )
  • High level knowledge; applies technical expertise and has full knowledge of other related disciplines. Exhibits good level of creativity and resourcefulness. Is able to guide and transfer knowledge to Partner’s Teams.
  • Preference : Ericsson System knowledge
  • Analytical and Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Minimum 8+ years with University Degree in telecommunications or IT; at least 2 - 5 years leadership experience 
Key Competencies: 

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