Monday, 9 July 2012

Sample Application letter for a person with no experience

Dear Mr Greg

The position advertised in the Daily Times for Marketing Officer is the one for which I have been trained. In June, I graduated from the University of  Chancellor College with a major in Economics. The courses covered economic development, retail, wholesale and manufacturing marketing as well as many other aspects of business operations.

My dissertation focused on studying marketing problems in companies that had asked the University Department of Economics for help. I conducted a survey which involved each of the companies staff as participants. I identified their marketing problems and I suggested in written reports how the companies can enhance their marketing strategies. This practical experience, in addition to my general business education, will help me serve Greg Telecommunication Company.

I am eager to start work, and am available for an interview to discuss my qualifications further.

Please find attached to this letter my curriculum vitae for more details.


Chanco Alumini


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    1. Hi Kondwani, I was working on a very busy project, will start posting vacancies again. Cheers